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Kelli (mom) implements the behavior plan. Success does not ensue.

on June 11, 2013

Mom training

We’ve reached the point in Issy’s treatment where we need to bring in the parents to do the behavior plan  so Issy can transition home.  This is a bit of a process so we’re starting several months before her expected release date.

Issy has been following the behavior plan at The Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research for many months.  Successfully!  The numbers of aggressions has gone down significantly. Yay Issy!!

So I (mom) show up for my first “hands on” day with her.  Just so you understand, I’ve been visiting Issy once a week and only had a few problems.  I also had two seperate trainings on her behavior plan, and watched it implemented by her staff.

I was ready!

Runner Crouching at Starting Line

And excited.  The sooner we get through this step, the sooner she can come home!

Carly, Issy’s behaviorist, was there to make sure I said and did the right things. Basically, I just had to give her tokens for having ‘quite hands and feet’ and redirect her when she started perseverating (you know, getting stuck) on certain topics.

We walked into the classroom.  Issy was so happy to see me (and I her!).  I told her I was there to be her worker.  I sat down next to her and started to work on a coloring page.  Issy started perseverating, I redirected.  She got physical…

The following is the video from that incident.  I’m the one with the blonde hair.  Carly is the behaviorist.  Thankfully Issy had one of the bigger, guy workers (I’ll refer to him as J).

The video below has no sound.  Thankfully!

Poor guy…


I retreated to the corner and refused to look so I wouldn’t reinforce Issy’s aggression.  I’m here to tell you that Carly and all of Issy’s workers are superheroes.  Honest to God.  They were both bleeding before it was over.

They are true professionals.  Carly kept asking if I was all right.  I was.  She was bleeding and her adrenaline was kicking in.  As professional as she is, I can tell she isn’t used to getting attacked.  I feel so horrible and responsible for Issy’s behavior.

I just want to mention that they never got mad at Issy.  Never yelled or screamed at her.  Just reminded her that she could earn tokens for ipad time when she had quit hands and feet.    Did I mention that they are superheroes?!

Well,  we’re about to do another mom training.  I’m hoping it goes better (it has to, right?!).  I’ll let you know!

Thanks for reading!