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His Continuing Sacrifice

on May 6, 2013

I was 16 when a handsome boy from a military academy asked me on my first date.  He was older, gorgeous, brilliant, and I literally swooned.  He was the brother to my friend Jillena. I was worried my mom wouldn’t let me go.  She did.  Our evening ended with my first kiss.  Chaste and sweet at my front door.  Our lives took us in separate directions.  I knew he served our country and was proud and thankful for it.

This is Nick Avery.


I’m finding it difficult to sum up 25+ years. But what I want to say is that this is an amazing man, who served our country, and now needs our help. His family has worked with the VA and much like Issy’s story, he is falling through all the cracks.

Jillena has taken over Nick’s care.  She started a blog and a donation page to get him help. Please learn about this man, his service, and his struggle.  —>

Here is the ‘Go Fund Me’ page: —>

Please keep Nick, and the entire Avery family in your prayers.


Jillena posted this on Facebook today.  I could cry.  Nick is only  47….


Even a Marine needs a hand.

Thank you for reading.