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Tremendous Triumph in Treatment

on April 22, 2013

Just recently, I made an appointment with the Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research to get an update on Issy’s treatment and progress.  Remember, I talk to Issy everyday and I often talk to the workers, and they are wonderful at saying, “Issy’s having a great day!”  I know they have been keeping lots of data and I wanted to see how she was progressing.  Really see.  With numbers.

I had a meeting and was given this chart.  Personally speaking, I love charts and graphs.  I love the visual representation of data.  However, I recognize that for some of you, this will make your eyes glaze over, so let me break it down.


The first week that Issy was in the treatment facility, she had somewhere around 650 instances of aggression.

That’s about 93 instances a day

Or about six per waking hour

Or averaging about one every ten minutes

I had never tracked her data at home like this.  We kept an “average number of hits per month”, but when she was home it felt like she was hitting ALL.THE. TIME.  The numbers reported the first week of Issy’s treatment seem very similar to what we were living with at home.  Every day.

The behavior plan was implemented the 3rd week she was at GLCATR.

Fast forward.  During week 11 (two weeks ago), she had less than 25 instances of aggression for the week.


FROM 650 TO 25!

So if we were to calculate……

She had (math%) reduction in problem behaviors!

The graph shows an overall reduction in her problem behaviors.  She still has a lot of work to do, but we’re on the right track.  Incredible.


At the meeting, we talked about Issy’s goal date to come home as being around November 1.  We can actually consider moving that back a month if her data continues to show improvement.  It could even mean she may be home in time to start school in the fall!

It’s working.

We are all investing a lot of energy into her through prayers, letters, love, donations, and support.  It’s all making a difference.  We all own a piece of her success.

Team Issy is a winning team.


We always will be!

But please don’t forget about the others.


My friend Lisa is in the thick of it.  I’m so worried about her.  Her blog—> Here 

And there are so many more.  Hopefully Issy’s success can be used as evidence that behavioral therapy works.  Maybe insurance companies will see the value of providing intensive behavioral therapy for kids with problem or extreme behaviors.

Maybe politicians can look at our case and come up with a treatment pipeline for families who are living like we have been (hello Lansing*waving*).

If you are interested in representing “Team Issy” , you can find t-shirts here.

Team Issy shirt

Team Issy shirt

My friend and bff Keri is making tutus (she can make any size and any color). With Proceeds going to Issy’s treatment!

Any coler(s) or size!

Any coler(s) or size!

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If you would just like to make a donation you can check out our Go Fund Me page here:

Thanks for reading and caring about my girl!

mom and Issy