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Neurology Appointment Update

on April 4, 2013

A quick update regarding my previous post.


You may remember the 3rd party expert (who holds my life and Issy’s future in his hands) requested a neurological evaluation for Issy.



She had one 3 years ago at the University of Michigan.


Still, to be compliant, we tried to get her an appointment.


No luck.


Helen DeVos Children’s Hopsital, our state’s next largest medical center, refused to see Issy as well.  What they said was—> There was no medical reason to see her and they don’t believe anything has changed since her appointment at UofM.


Bonus: They agreed to write a letter to the 3rd party expert!


So hopefully the 3rd party has enough information to decide if Issy’s behavioral treatment should be covered by MESSA.


We’ve been told there should have a decision by 19th of April.